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I was able to accomplish all of this and more in my years of owning the most visited niche wedding blog in the world.  

Now, I'm giving you all my successful blogging secrets. I learned these tips through years of trial and error. You get the wisdom of my experience and learn how to achieve the same success that allowed me to embark on my #Wanderlust lifestyle.  

Adding a first-class blog to your website will give you more time to spend on the parts of your business that you love.  You will no longer worry about, "What to post?" each week.  

☕️Imagine waking up to your morning Cup of Java and having time to dream up your next group getaway you can sell.

📞Picture getting a call from the local press to interview you for a story about your travel niche. 

🖥Create a website that works for you by increasing your ranking in google.  

captain for busy travel agents who want an upgrade to A first class blog

Hey, I'm Michele!

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You get immediate access to the 2021 Blog Content Calendar; 12 blog templates for you to use, along with image suggestions;  access to the private First Class Blogging Academy facebook group, where you'll have access to a supportive travel agent blogging community, as well as, my live FAQ sessions.   

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Does it take you hours to write a blog and even longer to source the images?  Are you confident in your SEO efforts?  I will take over writing weekly blog posts for you, I will select images and make sure your posts are properly tagged and optimized for search engines.  I'll even make sure they're posted on your site and the credit goes to you.

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In the First Class Blogging Academy you'll go from feeling overwhelmed by blogging and learn how to bring your social  engagement to your website and experience a higher SEO ranking.

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I love me some Josh and Donna inappropriate workplace dynamics 🤷‍♀️

the west wing

My favorite tv show is...

diet coke


pina colada

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The Pink Drink, topped off with Sweet Cream Cold Foam to be exact!
My #Foamily has named it the Regina George


My drink of choice is...



disney world

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Just tell me how to pack! 

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— Lillie

"I really appreciate your willingness to give of your time and expertise to help me. You came along just when I needed you, and for that I’m grateful."