A travel designer & Business blogger who supports travel agents to build a website &  blog, that attracts clients to create the business of your dream

I'm Michele.

Hey ya!

then by august 2020 i was COMPLETELY freaked out.  But, the story doesn't end there...

in Feb of 2020 i went from excited to be a brand new travel agency owner to... 

I promise to provide you with the tools I wish I had when I started. The basics, the shortcuts and the topic ideas to make sure your blogging habit becomes consistent and reaches First-Class.  

Like you, the travel "down times" of 2020 put a stoppage to my business. 

Then, my fellow travel agents, who had known me from my "before life," started asking me website and blogging questions.  I realized I could put the skills I learned the hard way from building a niche wedding blog from nothing to being ranked on Page 1 of Google to use to help you.  

Before I sold off my niche wedding blog for 5 figures, I started from zero.  I'll never forget posting my first one.  It was an article I shared from another wedding blog.  But, the images they used didn't fit correctly on my template.   Not knowing the shortcut I spent 3 hours just resizing the images.  Then came the keyword research and learning the SEO methodology. And most of all figuring out how to write a content calendar so I didn't sit down 5 days a week at my keyboard spending an hour just figuring out what to write.  

work with michele

In order to live the life of A #Wonderluster.

Get ready to create buzz about your agency

Making life EASIER for you by giving you all the tools you need to increase your website SEO and traffic

Writing the most popular, well known and award-winning niche wedding blog in the US.

The MANY career paths I tried before this one. Can you say - wedding blogger, event planner,  marketing manager, social worker and travel agent?

Teaching travel agents how to BLOG in a niche to establish expert credibility with clients. 

What I’m known for:

— walt disney

"if you can dream it you can do it."

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walt disney world


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I should go back to kindergarten because I have trouble coloring in the lines and cutting outside of them. (Also the only oven I should be using is the Easy Bake Play one.)


My favorite way to unwind is with popcorn on the sofa, Glee on Netflix, and my sweet pup to snuggle with!


I have been to all 50 States and 5 continents.  I'm working on Africa and Antarctica.


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